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Bet19 keeps you up to date with all of the boxing action from around the world. All of the major title fights are covered no matter where and when the bell rings and Bet19 provides helpful previews to bettors. All of the top boxers are covered, such as Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Vitali and Vladimir Klitschko.

The betting odds for boxing are the best on the internet all year round. You can bet on the favorites or take a chance on the underdogs by wagering on the result and the under and over for rounds. Bet19 offers considerably better odds than the traditional bookies do, meaning you have a better chance of winning on the fights.

Bet19 offers decimal, American, and Hong Kong odds and offers the highest betting limits for boxing in the online gaming business. The site is able to offer bettors all of this because of its exclusive technology and expertise in odds-setting.

Boxing is one of the most popular sports across the globe and Bet19 realizes fans love to wager on the outcome.

Bet19’s Online Boxing Betting Bargains

Spread -102.5%, Two Way Moneyline-102.5%, Total Rounds-102.5%

The site’s low-margin boxing betting offers two-way money lines that are priced to 102.5%. This gives bettors a great opportunity to win more. Bet19 provides commission-free fixed odds wagering with exchange style pricing. The site also has the highest guaranteed liquidity on the Internet.

Boxing Wagering Rules

If you bet on a fighter to win inside the distance it includes TKOs, KOs, disqualifications and technical decisions.

If you bet on a KO, this also includes a TKO, or disqualification.

All fights that are ruled as no contests will see all bets refunded.

The over/under wager refers to the amount of completed rounds. In three-minute round boxing matches, the midway mark of a round is one minute and thirty seconds. For instance, 7.5 rounds means a minute and thirty seconds into the 8th round.



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