Bet 19 Sportsbook

Formula 1 has become one of the hottest and most exciting forms of auto racing on the planet over the last few years. Bet19 is glad to offer fans and bettors the best odds in the industry for every race of the F1 season. The site provides the best outright odds for Formula One racing as well as race match-ups that are priced to 102%.

The Grand Prix seasons kick off in the spring and before they do you should head over to Bet19 to check out the latest unbeatable betting margins that are on offer. These will provide you with the best chance of winning anywhere in the online sportsbook industry.

Matchups for F1 races are priced to 102.5%, giving bettors the finest Formula 1 wagering odds. Bets at Bet19 are always commission-free. The site has fixed-odds online betting with exchange style pricing. It also offers the highest online guaranteed liquidity and some of the fastest payouts found anywhere.

When it comes to head-to-head matchups, if neither of the drivers finishes the race, the driver who has completed the most laps will be considered the winner. If both of the drivers completed the same amount of laps then the wagers will be regarded as no action. 

Decimal, Hong Kong, and American odds are available at Bet19 and the website is available in over a dozen different languages. 



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