Bet 19 Sportsbook

Bet19 online sportsbook is not just into the business of American sports, but has a presence that spans the globe. Not only does Bet19 offer wagering in different currencies, but Bet19 offers all the soccer, rugby, cricket and Aussie Rules football you can handle.

Bet19 Internet Sportsbook Soccer Betting

Bet19 sportsbook offers wagering in a variety of soccer leagues. Take the Italian soccer, Iceland soccer, Swedish soccer, Latin soccer and even the Norwegian soccer. Which leads to the obvious question – who the hell plays in the Norwegian soccer league? Being a Norwegian soccer star must be the equivalent of having the lead role in a high school production of “Death of a Salesman.”

Bet19 Other Sportsbook Sports

Bet19 sportsbook has golf match ups for the bettor who likes watching perhaps the slowest sport in the history of mankind. For the tough and rugged individual who wears hiking boots, you have sports like Rugby and Aussie rules football to satisfy your craving for large men grabbing each other. Bet19 also has boxing props and tennis matches for the Sharapova lovers out there. Or perhaps Lindsay Davenport is more your style?

Bet19 Exotic Sportsbook Bets

Even the Asian continent is within the betting limits of Bet19 online sportsbook. Bet19 has martial arts wagering, namely K-1, the martial arts contest that takes place every year in the Tokyo Dome. -- a cult event in Japan, but not as popular in the rest of the world. Regardless, you can bet on it at Bet19 sportsbook. Politics and entertainment are also two exotic betting types that can be fancied at Bet19 sportsbook, where you can stop betting on the Wallaces and Duncans and start betting on the Cruises and Travoltas.


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