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According to the Men's Journal, Bet19 sportsbook is for the strictly business crowd. Bet19 sportsbook covers sports from rugby to NASCAR to international soccer, even some politics. But, as they said in the journal, nothing about Britney's baby. Released in August 2004, "The 100 Best Websites For Guys," the entry only solidifies BetOnline as one of the top sportsbooks available.

Bet19 Online Sportsbook Sports Offerings

Bet19 sports betting odds are available for everything, from the four major sports to the exotic world of politics, martial arts and entertainment. Even the European world is covered in Bet19 sportsbook, from Aussie rules football, cricket and rugby to the all-important game of soccer.

Bet19 Sportsbook Extra Games

Bet19 sports betting has launched a brand new site geared towards professional and recreational gamblers alike. With the addition of cutting-edge skill games such as Gin Rummy, Mah Jong and Multi-player Golf, as well as 17 other exciting games, Bet19 entertainment and action are guaranteed 24 hours a day. You can pit your skills against competing players from around the world for real money between your Bet19 sportsbook wagering!

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